Try rigging 2012 elections and you will see – Sir John


Sir-JohnGeneral Secretary of the NPP says recent revelations that president Mills is behind Koku Anyidohu’s infamous comments is proof of the “hypocritical aspect of the president” the NPP has always talked about.

Sir John said it was rather unfortunate that President Mills who has always portrayed himself as a peaceful leader would be behind such infamous comments that would bring some kind of “heat” in the country.

“This is the president who prides himself as the ‘asomdwe hene’ of this nation. A president who sees no evil, hears no evil and does no evil. A christian that he professes to be and a president who at all times has admonished that insults ought to stop in this country. Now we are told that he is behind all these effusions that emanate from his presidency especially from Koku Anyidohu and the likes. It is unfortunate and it shows the hypocritical aspect of the president that we have at all times spoken about…”

He retorted that if the president believed there were war mongers who could plunge the nation into some political turmoil, he has the right to “crack the whip” in his hand but not in the manner in which it was done.

Describing Koku Anyidohu as an “empty shell”, Sir John called the bluff of the NDC daring them to try rigging the 2012 elections “and they will see whether or not we are such cowards as they deem us to be” adding that they will not allow any conduct that will undermine the democratic dispensation within the country.

He opined that the NDC had on many fora such as a TV studio discussion declare their intention to win the 2012 elections by fair or foul means; a comment he said no one from the party has come out to condemn.

Sir John opined that Koku Anyidohu’s comments are “irresponsible” and should be condemned by all right thinking citizens of the country adding that if president Mills was behind those comments, it was “shameful”.

Justifying Nana Addo’s “all die be die” comments, Sir John explained that with developments in Chiripong, Akwatia, Atiwa and other places where vandalism and brutalities were perpetrated by the NDC in the full glare of the police with no arrests made till date, the NPP flag bearer’s comments was not a call to war but a caution that the NPP will defend itself and the sanctity of the ballot to the best of their abilities.

Sir John intimated that elections from 1992 till date though has been considered peaceful has not been without some hitches and it is for this reason that the NPP is calling on the NDC to assure Ghanaians of a peaceful election in 2012 devoid of certain unpleasant instances which leaves some parties dissatisfied.

He stressed that Nana Addo wanting peace in the country conceded defeat after loosing narrowly to President Mills in the 2008 elections though he could have called for a re-count since spoilt ballot papers were alledged to be over 2% (a percentage that is more than CPP and PNC votes put together) adding that the NPP wants nothing but peaceful elections come 2012.

Sir John made these comments on Xfm’s “lets talk politics” this morning in an interview with host Dr. Sekou Nkrumah.


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