Traders celebrate one week of President Mills’ demise



Accra, July 31, GNA – Traders at the Central Business District in Accra were not left out in the one week celebration of President John Evans Atta Mills’ demise on Tuesday.
     During a visit to Makola and Okaishie, traders were seen dressed in red and black attires with red bands tied around various parts of their bodies.
     Pockets of music spinners played dirges to which some of the traders danced in open spaces, and in front of their wares, others went about their trading activities.
     Naa Koshie, a trader told the GNA that the traders hired the spinners in their bid to mourn the late President Mills whom they described as the father of the nation.
     She said the late President Mills would always be remembered for his humility.
     Madam Salomey Boakye, a trader, said she joined her colleagues to mourn the late President Mills, and was optimistic that the funeral rites of President Mills would bring unity among all and sundry.
     In another development some traders were seen doing brisk business through the sale of National Democratic Congress (NDC) party panaphenalia including handkerchiefs, hats, scarfs and red bands.
     Some of the items were sold between fifty pesewas and five Ghana cedis.


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