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The danger beneath the use of intemperate language in national life

        Tema, July 8,GNA- Humans have progressed from the stone age to a modernist 21st century when we can boast of advancement in human learning and the appreciation of what is moral.

        Tema, July 8,GNA- Humans have progressed from the stone age to a modernist 21st century when we can boast of advancement in human learning and the appreciation of what is moral.

Among the many developments in human life is our ability to live together as fellow citizens of a common country.
    This comes with it a sense of responsibility that should ensure that we bury all differences that divide and hold onto what unites us so that we can forge ahead as one people.

One of the key distractions to our national life is the inability to control our emotions on national media platforms that leads to use of language that is neither acceptable nor reasonable.

Africa has had its fair share of the effects of reckless media. Somewhere in a small country of Rwanda,  radio and newspapers were used to propagate hatred for an ethnic group which brought about the Rwandan genocide. Indeed, out of those misguided statements, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in very gruesome and pathetic situations.  
    The world cannot forget in a hurry how men, women and children; the elderly and even the disabled were butchered and hacked down with machetes because the media had portrayed such persons as cockroaches that did not deserve to be treated as human beings.

    Hatred for fellow human by far is something that should not be promoted in every sense of the word. This is because there is nothing we hold against ourselves that is bigger than our collective humanity.  
  This is why, first of all, there is no reason why we should allow politics to divide us. Political persuasions are individual choices any citizen of a country must make and we should have the ability to tolerate the views and convictions of others even if they do not agree with our view points. And so it is sad that we allow political differences to create enmity among people who should be calling themselves brothers and sisters.

    Again, it does not make any meaning when we allow ethnic inclinations to make us see others as less human.  God created human beings in his image and likeness. We share in his divine endowment and that ethnicity is only part of the broader pattern of his creation.  It is this lack of knowledge and discretion about ethnicity  that makes people resort to vulgar language and even brutality. We simply fail and refuse to see the worth of the other person just on sheer account of tongue and custom.

  Religious inclinations serve to deepen hatred such that fellow humans could be described as evil with passion because of the differences in belief systems. This could lead to all kinds of barbaric treatment of humans, not in the hands of wild animals and predators, but in the hands of their brothers and sisters simply because they belong to the other side of a religious inclination.

    Indeed the argument cannot be concluded without looking at abusive utterances against women.
      Women occupy very sensitive positions in our human life. This is because they are our mothers, sisters and daughters whose inputs into our lives cannot be ruled out.
      I still hold the ancient truth and belief that they were created to nurture, revive and ensure the survival of the human race. It therefore becomes inhumane to publicly and on national media denigrate and abuse womanhood as if it is a light thing to do.

    I believe that as we move closer to this year’s election, we should bear in mind that intemperate and vulgar language could only be a panacea for chaos and destruction.
    We therefore owe it a duty to ourselves and posterity to check they way we talk when we assume the airwaves or publish comments.
      We should also understand that these harsh utterances against ourselves are as a result of the hatred we have developed for ourselves due to our inability to understand that whether black or white, Christian or Muslim, male or female, frafra or akan we are all humans and should learn to treat ourselves as such.

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