Remove advertising materials by Monday -AMA


Accra, Dec. 11, GNA – The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has asked political parties to remove all advertising materials from the streets of the city by Monday 17th December.

    Dr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, Mayor of Accra in a statement issued to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), expressed great concern about the haphazard display of political posters and bill boards all over the city.

    “He said as part of the campaign, political parties mounted billboards and advertising materials in unapproved locations which did not meet the standards to the city.”

    Dr Vanderpuije said these advertising materials located on our roads, intersections and street corners acts as an obstruction to the healthiness nature of our cities.

    He appealed to all political parties to ask their supporters to remove all party advertisement which was mounted before the election.

    This, he said, will help keep the city as well as the country clean for a better Ghana.


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