Reform African religion and herbal medicine


osofopayinMafi Kumase (V/R), GNA – Osofopayin Sri Nana Adi Jagadgurudev Janakacharya Amankwah the first, President of the Federation of Indigenous African Priests, has noted that African traditional religion and herbal medicine needs reformation and documentation for the benefit of the people.


     He said after his research into all the world religions for more than 50 years, “it has come to pass that there is truth, faith and healing in the African religion which the colonial masters rejected.”

     Osofopayin Amankwah made the assertion in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after the inauguration of the Mafi Kumase branch of the Federation in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region.

     Seventeen traditional priests and herbal practitioners were presented with membership certificates.

     Osofopayin Amankwah said traditional herbal medicines needs to be developed in such a way that it can meet national, continental and international standards.

     He said the African religion: “is part of Sanatana Dharma, which is eternal religion like Hinduism and Buddhism.”

     Osofopayin Amankwah, who is also a renowned African Yogi and Spiritual Head of Dharma Nyame Mission in Accra, opined that the African traditional religion cannot exist without the chiefs, who are the custodians of the African rich culture.

     He charged all religious organizations in the country to be tolerance and give respect to each other’s faith, saying that, it would go long way in maintaining peace in the country and Africa at large.

     Mr Mark Elikplim Dogbetse, of the VOLTA Regional branch of the Ministry of Health, in Ho, advised the herbal medicine practitioners to obtain the appropriate licenses and also register their premises to enable them to apply to begin their operations.

     The Federation of Indigenous African Priests has branches all over the African continent with the aim of promoting the culture, traditional religion and faiths of indigenous Africans.

      It is also to promote peace and harmony and to assist displaced and afflicted people, protect the environment, ancient heritage sites, forest reserves, rivers and natural habitats as well as marketing of genuine spiritual services, herbal healing and herbal medicine.


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