People who say ‘all die be die’ are bad and we should desist from them- Otabil


Dr. Mensah Otabil, Founder and General Overseer of the International Central Gospel churches which has a network of local assemblies in Ghana, Europe, the United States and other parts of Africa in one of his sermons recorded on tape says that the holy Bible enjoins us to desist from the company of people who live by the notion that ‘all die be die’.

The man of God is one of the nation’s MVPs (Most Valuable Pastors) and an astute teacher who leads a church of thousands of members. He has contributed immensely to the development of this country by being one of the pioneers of private tertiary educational institutions. He is a man of gargantuan repute, indeed.

Otabil has recently popped up in the media as saying education can never be free and that parents have to invest time and resources into ensuring that their children receive quality education. Some people referenced this to mean a direct attack against NPP’s free SHS policy, however ICGC made a press statement in which it denied the connection.

On the tape recording, pastor Otabil says happy-goes-lucky people do not think of the consequences of their actions because “they believe that the action is good by itself because after all ‘all die be die’. Explaining the meaning of all die be die, he says it means all death is death or every death is death


Listen to the audio recordings below:

Dr. Mensah Otabil on ALL DIE BE DIE


Dr. Mensah Otabil  on Free Education



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