Kuga-Fong Director expresses appreciation to US Embassy in Accra



Libiga (N/R), Oct. 5, GNA – Mr Muhamed Abdul-Samed Gunu, Executive Director of Kuga-Fong Mansongsem Community Association (KFMCA), a local non-governmental organization, has  expressed appreciation to the US Government for the establishment of a Live-Stock Project at Libiga in the Savelgu Nanton District  of the Northern Region.

     He said the commissioning of the project was a significant mile-stone in the developmental history of the District.

     Mr Gunu said the project had also enhanced the track record of KFMCA in its effort to bring development to the District,  and that developmental initiatives such as  the Millennium Challenge Account, Ambassadors Special Self-Help Program and PEPFAR program were extended by the U.S Government  to Ghana which were particularly beneficial to rural communities in the Northern Region, including Savelugu-Nanton.

     “I take this opportunity to appeal to the U.S. Embassy to consider supporting this community with irrigation equipment to enhance their all year farming.”

      He said this would help create income for households and thereby curb the migration of young girls to the south in search of menial jobs and its attendant social problems.

       Mr Gunu said the Association had identified poverty as the number-one enemy of the North and called on all to join hands in knocking out poverty through education, agriculture and income generation.

      He said there was the need for to mechanize agriculture practices and tune people’s attitudes towards the changing trends to help catch up with the developmental challenges of contemporary times.

     Mr Gunu appealed to Government to as a matter of urgency make antiretroviral drugs available for persons  infected with the HIV virus, since the drugs were currently unavailable in the region  and emphasized that any further delay could result in the deterioration of the health of affected persons and could result in the loss of lives.

         He said the Association through donor support had spent over GHc1.5 million for the provision of educational infrastructure, HIV/awareness campaigns,  capacity building of women, especially the girl-child in the Savelugu area.

     He called on the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to improve the falling standards of education in the Savelugu/Nanton District, especially the girl-child, adding, “We have organized series of extra classes for students across  the Savelugu district through the support of young dedicated professional voluntary teachers to help curb the falling standards of education.”

     Mr Sule Sulemana, Local Chairman of  People Living with HIV/AIDS thanked Kuga-Fong Mansongsem Community Association and the US Embassy for the income generation project provided them to help alleviate their suffering.

     Ms Lizer White, Project Coordinator of the US Embassy  on behalf of the US Ambassador to Ghana, thanked the Association for initiating and executing the project  on schedule and promised that the Embassy would continue to extend support to communities with self-help spirit to help alleviate poverty and all forms of deprivation.

     She appealed to the families of HIV/AIDS infected persons to show love and compassion to the victims since that could help extend their life expectancy. 


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