Israeli rescue mission to arrive in Ghana on Thursday



Accra, Nov. 8, GNA – An 18-man Israeli Rescue Mission is expected to arrive in Ghana on Thursday to help locate and extract any remaining survivors in the collapsed Melcom shopping mall disaster that took place on Wednesday.    

      In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Thursday an Official of the Embassy of Israel Eyal Lampert said the team would move straight from the airport to the disaster zone immediately to assist the Ghanaian rescue team on the ground.

    He said the Israeli team is expected to work in collaboration with the detachment from the Field Engineer Regiment of the Ghana Army currently at the site.   

    The hard work of the Field Engineer Regiment, NADMO (National Disaster Management Organisation) and other emergency institutions including the Ghana Police and the National Ambulance Service has led to the rescue of at least 51 persons from the rubble.    

    According to the Embassy official the team would undertake initial assessment at the site using special equipment and sniffer dogs that would help identify the locations of possible survivors or corpses.    

     He Israel has in addition to the rescue to team put on standby about 150 support team and logistics including field hospitals, concrete cutters among to move to Ghana should the initial assessment deem it necessary.


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