Age: 10 years

PageRank (Google): 3/10

Focus: General local news aggregator on Ghana

Category: Internet News Website

Database: More than 15,000 news items dating back 2009

Website Functionality: modern CMS-based (no tech knowledge required to update, point, click and type J), highly functional and clean design. Newsletters module, Advertisements module, mobile friendly, Social media functionality, Google News, Google AdWords, etc.

Distributions and Lists: Listed on many international databases of news media outlets. Receive daily updates items from Ghana News Agency and other distribution organizations.

Average website visits: 300/daily (depends on how quickly the website is updated)

Comments: The internet is definitely making serious inroads into journalism and at the current rate, the traction only gets stronger. ALLGHANANEWS was started with passion to aggregate news from credible sources, report news in complete honesty and objectivity. It receives patronage from savvy news lovers all over the world. Due to financial constraints, it hasn’t received enough investments to see it soar. ALLGHANANEWS has the potential of becoming a serious internet news outlet. The domain name is easily pronounceable and memorable, together with its age and huge database, it has high ranking (often first page) on Google on common keywords used for searching Ghanaian news.

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