Bring back NPP to solve problems of the North



NPP-rally-accra-academyAccra , Jan. 15, GNA –  Mr James Avomah, General Secretary,  New Patriotic Party (NPP) Northern Youth Movement, has called for the return of NPP to power to halt falling standards of education in the three Northern Regions.

     He said the NPP is the only political party that can give meaning to the lives of ordinary Ghanaians by facilitating the fast growth of the economy and by placing people at the centre of national development.

     In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Avomah said the movement was formed to sensitize youth supporters of the NPP in the three Northern Regions and also to help the party strategize to win back power in 2012.

      He noted that the minds of a section of the Ghanaians public was abused to some extent that the NPP was an Akan Party and argued that the perception was wrong and diverting.

     The three Northern Regions were far behind in terms of development adding, the movement will also be used to bridge the developmental gap between the South and the North by alleviating poverty in the North, he added.

     Mr Avomah said the movement was also targeting the Northern communities in the Southern settlements to educate them to invest in their various Regions they belong.

     He added that the movement was also focused on winning the Presidential Election and more Parliamentary seats for the NPP in the Northern Regions in 2012 to increased the party tally in the legislature.

     Mr Avomah was optimistic that the NPP Flag bearer was the only candidate who could turn around the fortunes of the ordinary Ghanaian.

     The NPP Northern Youth Movement was formed in 2009 immediately after the Party lost power in 2008 with the aimed of uniting the NPP youth from the three Northern Regions for the 2012 election.

    It will be inaugurated on February, 2012 to kick start activities for the 2012 elections.


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