Bagbin: STX cannot gain from their failure



Alban BagbinWorks and Housing Minister Alban Babgin is convinced government would not be held liable for possible breach of the controversial STX Housing deal.

According to him, government has honoured all its obligations set out in the agreement and blamed the STX partners for failing to deliver on its promises.

There are fears STX Korea could sue the government of Ghana for breach of contract in the housing 30,000 housing deal.

New Patriotic Party spokesperson on Finance Anthony Akoto Osei in an interview with Joy News counseled government to take a critical look at the agreement and see if they have breached any portion of the agreement approved by Parliament under very controversial circumstances.

“It is unfortunate we have gotten ourselves involved in this mess,” he said, adding, “lawyers must see to it that we have not breached any of the laws, or the partners have not breached any of the laws.”

“We must protect government from potential suits and see if it can also sue for reliefs,” he stated.

Whichever way, he is convinced the government must be quick in taking a decision as soon as it possibly can in order to best serve the interest of the Ghanaian public.

“We have to move on and do what is best for Ghanaians,” he noted.

In a reaction, Works and Housing Minister Alban Bagbin said government is not responsible for the delay of the project.

On the contrary, he said, government “has been held to ransom for a whole year” because all the partners have doing, is fight.

He said government has done all it could to resolve the feud between the partners amicably but to no avail.

Alban Bagbin noted it is time for the Attorney General to look into the details of the agreement and advise accordingly.

He is convinced government will not be held accountable for any breach of the terms of the agreement, insisting, “STX cannot gain from their failure.”

“I do not see how any of the partners who are delaying us and who are still fighting can take us to court,” he said.

He also dismissed assertions STX Korea has invested money in any of the project, stating, the partners may have invested in themselves.

He said government will soon take a decision on the housing project.


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