Assembly takes steps to improve the supply of safe water


The Bibiani-Ahwiaso-Bekwai District Assembly has taken steps to improve the supply of potable water to the people in the area. This involved procurement of submersible pumps and the repair of broken pipes running across some of the communities.


 Mr. Jacob Ware, the District Chief Executive (DCE) told an ordinary meeting of the assembly held in Bibiani that in excess of GHȼ16,000.00 had already been spent.

 He said everything would be done to make sure that the population had access to safe water to prevent diseases, adding that, it was only when the people were healthy that they would be economically productive.

He outlined measures put in place to tackle environmental sanitation challenges in the district and said it had introduced what he termed the “pay-as-you dump” policy in the capital, Bibiani.

Under it, the people paid a fee of 20 pesewas per head load of waste and he said this was being done on a pilot basis.  The DCE said with time it would be replicated in the other communities to promote efficient waste management.

Mr. Ware expressed concern about the increasing destruction of the environment through illegal gold mining and vowed to make things uncomfortable for those miners.

The assembly would work with the police to arrest and prosecute offenders, he added.  He also spoke of plans to put into good shape some feeder roads, using the assembly’s own road construction equipment.

 Mr. Ware reminded the assembly members about the need to help people in their communities to reject reckless political conduct as the nation inched towards elections, to safeguard the peace.



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