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GDCA Commences stakeholder engagements on transhumance management in Buipe

Buipe (S/R), Aug 27, GNA – The Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA), a Non-Governmental Organization based in Tamale, has begun a one week workshop with stakeholders in Buipe to educate them on effective livestock mobility and transhumance management.
The workshop brought together herders, crop farmers, traditional authorities, local government officials and media to educate and enhance their understanding of the key roles they play in creating peaceful and co-existent environment with transhumance.
The workshop was organized through GDCA’s Project to Support Livestock Mobility for Better Access to Resources and Markets in West Africa (PAMOBARMA) project.
The PAMOBARMA project seeks to protect and enhance easy mobility of the herds and their access to pastoral resources and markets in West Africa to minimize farmers and herders conflicts.
The project activities included interventions such as access to water, securing livestock movement corridors, access to veterinary services, markets for livestock trading as well as consolidating cross-border mobility of herders/
This he explained would enhance the cooperation of key actors at the cross-border level and at the regional authority levels.
The project is implemented together with a French partner, Acting for Life (AFL) and jointly funded by the European Union and the French Development Organisation.
Mr Lukman Yussif, the Project Manager for the PAMOBARMA, said GDCA, through the PAMOBARMA project, would collaborate with authorities to secure livestock movement corridors at various transhumance entry points for easy mobility as well as provide grazing reserves, access to water sources and rest points to minimize conflicts between farmers and herdsmen.
He said the project had identified entry points used by transhumance where these corridors could be established, and mentioned Kulungungu and Pusiga in the Upper East Region, Gushegu and Karaga in the Northern Region and Buipe and Salaga in the Savannah Region as some of the entry points.
Mr Yussif said the project also sought to facilitate access to livestock markets for the transhumance and serve as source of livelihoods to citizens and for revenue generation.
He said even though government was putting up some measures in place to curb conflicts between farmers and herdsmen, there was the need to secure and service livestock corridors and livestock markets to help maximize its economic benefits.
Neripewura Abubakari Kipson, a representative from the Buipe transitional council, commended the GDCA for the project and said the one week workshop would foster peaceful co-existence between citizens, stakeholders and the transhumance for socioeconomic benefits.

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