African Elephant Coalition urges Japan to close ivory market

JOHANNESBURG, June 17 (Xinhua/GNA) — The Council of Elders of

the African Elephant Coalition (AEC) comprising 32 African

countries and the majority of African elephant range states on

Monday called on Japan to close its ivory market to help fight

illegal poaching.

The AEC stated that the ivory market in Japan which was among

the world’s largest if closed would help reduce illegal poaching

of wildlife species.

“We believe that doing so will strengthen Japan’s

international conservation image ahead of the 2020 Olympics and

Paralympics,” said Azizou El Hadj Issa, chairperson of the AEC’s

Council of Elders, in a letter to Taro Kono, Japanese Foreign


Issa requested Japan for assistance and collaboration to

strengthen international measures in reducing the demand for

elephant ivory “so that elephant tusks are no longer desirable


The coalition wants all African elephants to be listed in

Apendix 1 to ensure that they are protected.

Elephants in Africa are split-listed with elephants in

Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe in Apendix 2, which

allows trade under certain circumstances.

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