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President charges NaBCo personnel to be productive

Accra, Oct.17, GNA – Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the President, Wednesday, tasked personnel of the Nation Builders’ Corps (NaBCo) to be dutiful and productive in their areas assigned.

“I urge you to demonstrate on a daily basis the knowledge acquired,” he advised. “You should show professional credentials through timeliness and punctuality and also live beyond reproach so as to discharge your responsibilities with efficiency.”

The President said this at a ceremony, in Accra, at which the pioneer 100,000 personnel of the unique workers corps graduated.

“Your performance would be monitored as GHC3billion has been invested into the programme; so you must earn every pesewa of it through hard work,” he emphasised.
The graduates would be deployed in seven critical areas of the economy: Education, Revenue Mobilisation, Agriculture, Health, Governance, Digitisation and the Private sector.

President Akufo-Addo said the graduates would assist in the realisation of the Government’s vision of an educated population and industrialised robust economy in the delivery of good governance.

He said in sustaining these, a reliable skilled and efficient work force was needed hence their engagement in a structured work and learning programme environment.

“For every four weeks of work, one week would be dedicated into acquiring self-future employability and work readiness skills,” he explained.

President Akufo-Addo said within three years, they would have obtained 36 weeks of training with value addition to enable them to transition smoothly into the world of permanent work and by this, their unemployment status would have also been addressed.

The managers of the Programme, have struck up a partnership with the Council for Technical Vocational and Educational Training (COTVET), some universities both domestic and abroad, for the validation of the contact of the learning Programme so that the trainees would receive the relevant certification of their skills and training.

They would be deployed to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Information Services Department, Ghana Revenue Authority, Local Government Service, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Investment Funds for Electronic Communications,

Local Government Service, and Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
The President said at the end of their three-year engagement, they would not only be fit for permanent employment but also Ghana would have built and entrepreneurial base with them.

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