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US-Ghana military deal a devaluation of our national independence – Kwesi Pratt

Accra, June 6, GNA- Mr Kwesi Pratt Junior, the owner of the Insight newspaper, has said the US-Ghana Military deal entered into by President Akufo-Addo, was in itself a devaluation of Ghana’s national Independence.

He said that Independence, which was won at the expense of the lives of our fore-fathers, meant the people, gets to control the land space called Ghana and any resources in, under, and above it.

Mr Pratt who spoke at a Public Forum on the US-Ghana Military deal, at the Freedom Centre, said therefore if Ghana entered any agreement which eliminated its control over any part of it, was an affront to that Independence fought for by the founders of the nation.
“So if you enter into any agreement which says, as for part of Accra, we have no jurisdiction over that place and that only the US had jurisdiction over that place, you have devalued our national Independence”, he said.

Mr Pratt said the deal also undermined the notion of equality of citizens and human beings before the law, which the country as an African democratic symbol, held in high esteem, and had enshrined in its constitution.

“If you have to defend the constitution, we have to defend the constitution in its entirety. If you are defending the constitution you do not defend the chapter one, and forgo chapter six. So does it make sense, to have an agreement which says, some people living in our country are above the law, and when they commit murder, they cannot be arrested?

“As for them, they can come into our country and leave at any time they chose without passports, without visas, and so on? It simply does not make sense. It undermines the notion of equality, first of citizens, then human beings, more so when a Ghanaian has to be subjected to rigorous checks when migrating in and out the country”, he added.

Mr Pratt said the fact that the deal prevented the country’s security agencies and even the President of the land, from enquiring about the contents of bags and luggage’s of such American soldiers when they are moving in and out Ghana, was disheartening and the greatest security threat.

He noted that President Akufo-Addo’s labelling of critics of the deal as anti-Americans was misguided and wrong, as by that logic, critics of Ghanaian policies, who were born and bred Ghanaians, were anti-Ghanaian.

The owner of the Insight newspaper said, the claim by the Defence Minister, that the American military bases were going to bring Ghana returns of $20 million, was insulting as the dignity of the citizenry was worth more than the riches of US and currency.

He said the history of abuses and unspeakable acts perpetuated by and associated with such US military bases in other countries should be more than enough reason for Ghana to without any hesitation reject the formation of any such military bases in the country.
Also speaking at the forum, Mr Antonio Tujan Junior, the Vice Chairman of International Affairs for the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS), encouraged the citizenry to form movements and equip such movements with knowledge of both the country’s colonial history and the US colonization of other countries, for more effective rejection of imperialism by US on Ghana.

He urged citizens to adopt more socially friendly mediums of communication of its messages and understandings to the ordinary people in order to get them to join the struggle against what he described as ‘colonial impositions’ by the US.

Mr Tujan, pledged the support of his movement to Ghana, and said because they were Philippians, and had the experience in rejection of US military bases, as they had been successful in doing that in the past, they were very capable allies and would be good partners for Ghana in the wake of its recent US-Ghana military deal agreement.

The forum saw participants from the Ghana First Patriotic Front, Pan Africa Revolutionaries, Freedom Centre, and citizens and sympathizers against the US-Ghana Military deal.

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