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Prices of goods unstable in markets

Accra, June 11, GNA – The prices of goods especially foodstuffs at some markets in Accra have experienced price volatility due to multiple factors including increases in fuel prices, poor road networks and difficulties in transporting goods from the hinterland to Accra.

A survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency at Makola, Tudu, Tema Station, Kantamanto, and CMB markets revealed that prices of foodstuffs vary at the various markets.

At the Kantomanto market the price of tomatoes in a small container which used to be sold for GHC10.00 is now GHC12.00; Kontomire has moved from GHC1.00 to GHC3.00; quantity of pepper moved up from GC0.50 to GHC1.00.

The prices of fish and meat have also increased marginally – Gizzard which was previously sold at GHC8.00, GHC9.00, and GHC10.00 depending on the type is now being sold at GHC11.00 and GHC12.00.

The price of chicken thigh has also moved from GHC11.00 to GHC12.00; a pound of goat has jumped from GHC10.00 to GHC12.00.

At the Tudu market, a sack of cassava which cost between GHC40.00 and GHC90.00 is now being sold between GHC80.00 and GHC120.00 depending on the size; six tubers of cassava which was sold between GHC3.00 and GHC5.00 now sells between GHC5.00 and GHC10.00.

A tuber of yam which was sold between GHC3.00 and GHC5.00 has moved to GHC5.00 and GHC8.00; eight fingers of plantain which was sold at GHC5.00 have been reduced to six fingers.

The price of a bag of maize is now GHC80.00 and one “Olonka” is sold at GHC6.00.
At the Tema Station Market, a box of tomatoes (foreign) previously sold for GHC400.00 has moved to between GHC550.00 and GHC600.00; the local tomatoes previously sold for GHC200.00 per a box go between GHC250.00 and GHC300.00.

A tuber of yam sold between GHC3.00 and GHC4.00 now sells at GHc5.00; the big sack of dried pepper sold between GHC350.00 and GHC450.00 now goes for GHC500.00; and “Agushi” previously sold at GHc30 per olonka now sells at GHc35.00.
At Makola Market, the GNA team observed that the prices have remained stable.

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