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GOIL instills discipline in transportation of petroleum products

Accra, May 10, GNA – Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) has adopted pragmatic measures to instil discipline in transportation of petroleum products by road and to ensure that truck drivers adheres to strict code of conduct.

The nation’s foremost indigenous Oil Marketing Company (OMC) has therefore under the GOIL National Strategic Fuel Tanker Operators Regulation, set out “GOIL Bulk Transporters Code of Conduct,” which spells-out uniformed ethical standards for drivers.

Mr Benjamin Torkornoo, GOIL Head of Operations told the Ghana News Agency during an orientation session for the GOIL Bulk Transporters from the southern sector that the code signals GOIL’s strong commitment to enforce safety not only at the filling stations but also on the road.

While admitting that some truck drivers breach road safety regulations, Mr Torkornoo noted that GOIL was adopting proactive measures to ensure that “our drivers stand out among the lot.

“We also are enforcing brand uniformity for all our Bulk Road Vehicles (BRV). It is a matter of serious concern to GOIL as branded BRV is considered also as means to check our drivers on the road and project the image of the company”.

He said GOIL will continue to set industrial standards, stressing that all Bulk Transporters who lift GOIL products have been given up to June 30 to ensure that their BRV were properly branded, after the deadline any BRV which was not branded would be restrained from lifting operations on behalf of GOIL.

Mr Torkornoo said GOIL have also set out new arrangement for bi-annual transport monitoring and evaluation of BRV. Effective June 1, 2018, all GOIL BRV would be assigned to specific testing for inspections test to be conducted.

He said “this is mainly for the purposes of monitoring and assessing the performance of the various licensed testing stations and ultimately to guarantee the safety standards of GOIL registered BRVs.

“The test certificate and report of any vehicle that does not observe this protocol would be considered invalid and denied clearance to carry out loading operations on behalf of GOIL”.

Mr Patrick Akpe Kwame Akorli, Group Chief Executive Officer of GOIL, noted that the Bulk Road Vehicle drivers played critical roles in the operations of the distribution chain of petroleum products.

He said “GOIL appreciates their role and hence the need to put in measures to protect both our drivers, other road users, brand image and ensure safe delivery of products”.

Mr Akorli who is also known as Togbe Adza-Nye IV, Dutorfia of Ziavi Traditional Area in the Volta Region, noted that as the foremost indigenous OMC, GOIL have to continue to project the positive image of Ghana and exhibit that Ghanaians have the capacity to manage operations in the petroleum sector.

“We cannot allow multi-nationals to control the downstream oil sector. It is sensitive to allow foreign dominance. GOIL needs the support of every Ghanaian to maintain the company as number one in the country”.

Mr Akorli who is also the Managing Director of GOIL explaining the shareholder position of the company noted that, the Government holds 34 per cent; Social Security and National Insurance Trust, 25 per cent; Bulk Oil Storage and Transport, 20 per cent; and over 16,000 Ghanaian individuals and companies holds the rest of the shares.

He therefore called for total support and patronage of GOIL goods and services, “lets support indigenous companies to do better so that their profit would be retained in the country to reduce pressure on the local currency”.

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