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Coalition to pray homosexual and gay out of Ghana

Accra, May 29, GNA-The National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, is to start an annual prayer and fasting festival as part of activities aimed towards safeguarding Ghana from “any spiritual and physical manoeuvrings and takeovers from foreign manipulations”.
The three-day prayer festival, which would be held from June 28 through July 1st, 2018, would be organised concurrently in the district and regional capitals with the mega event to be hosted at the Independence Square, all aimed at praying out forces behind the spirit of homosexuality and lesbianism, gradually infiltrating into Ghana.
Mr Moses Foh-Amoaning, Convenor of the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, announced this at the first Regional Media Consultative Forum organised by the Coalition in Accra, to discuss the issues and threat of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (LGBT) with some senior media personnel.
He said the Coalition would launch the prayer festival on June 1, leaving one clear month for preparation for the annual events which would be crowned with a midnight session at the Independence Square.
The theme for the first Media Consultative forum was “Exposing the Myths and Propaganda surrounding the LBGT Phenomenon: Psychiatric, Psychological, Religious and Socio-Cultural Perspectives”.
The Coalition is an amalgamation of Christian and Para-Christian bodies, Muslims as well as like-minded religious, non-religious entities, including traditional and opinion Leaders in Ghana.
It aims at ensuring the preservation of the indigenous African traditional and cultural sexual rights and family values and to draw attention to the “looming and dangerous threat” of LGBT right activism in Africa and the world.
It also proffers solutions to the LGBT growing problem.
Mr Foh-Amoaning reiterated his point that the practices of Lesbianism, Gayism, Bisexualism, and Transgender and its accompanying Queer and Indifferent behaviours were all foreign cultures that were very much abhorred by the Ghanaian cultural values.
He said homosexuals and gayism have many health implications for people who engage in such practices and mainly engage in anal sex, saying, it rather leads to “anal mutilation” where an occurrence of anal sore plague those who were involved in such practices.
He also alleged that HIV was first found among some homosexuals in California in the USA.
He said homosexualism was never a “natural occurrence” as scientists who undertook a human Geno-project study over 50 years ago, could not name one single gene that make a human, a homosexual, so those who claim homosexual was an inborn thing should stop that propaganda.
“So there is no scientific basis for it, at best, it is an abnormality which needs treatment”.
Mr Foh-Amoaning said that fathom 10 per cent figure of alleged population of homosexual community in Ghana was never true and that there was no such data, adding that the propagandists just wanted to hide the real nature of their behaviour, and so they were using false data to swell up their numbers.
“They want to move the argument from behaviour to identity. We will not allow them to push that, LGBT is not a human right. It’s a sin and a country which does not accept it does not infringe on any right,” he stated.
Mr Foh-Amoaning said the National Coalition for Proper Sexual Human Rights and Family Values would continue to seek to forcefully articulate the correct position on proper human sexual behaviour and propose a modern comprehensive solution-based legislation for dealing with abnormal sexual behaviour and tendencies.
The Coalition, inaugurated in December 2013, is being facilitated by the Emmanuel University College, a Ghanaian tertiary Institution, and has membership that include the Christian Council of Ghana, Catholic Bishops Conference, Ghana Muslims Mission, Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council.
The rest are the Ghana Baptists Convention, Ahmadiyya Muslims Mission, Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Scripture Union Ghana, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International and the Traditional and Opinion Leaders within the Ghanaian Society.
The Coalition also organises school sexual evangelism programmes in primary, Junior and Secondary High Schools and Tertiary Institutions.

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