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NIB launches Excel banking

The National Investment Bank (NIB) has launched its Excel Banking aim to tailor the right mix of exceptional services, unique benefit and innovation solutions with banking expertise.

The National Investment Bank (NIB) has launched its Excel Banking aim to tailor the right mix of exceptional services, unique benefit and innovation solutions with banking expertise.

The service Excel which means, Excellent, Cozy, Exclusive and Luxurious Banking, offers two classes of membership namely: excel gold class and excel silver class members.

The gold members enjoy benefits including Free Cheque Book branded for the first time, Free Bank Statement and Standing Order, a gold plated membership card cash and cheque pick-up service, access to a cozy, exclusive and luxurious lounge and an assigned Relationship Officer, among others.

The silver members will also benefit from Initial free branded Cheque book, free monthly statement, cash and cheque pick-up service and exclusive and luxurious Lounge and an assigned Relationship Officer among others

In addition to all these, the bank has extended opening time from 0800 hours to  1800 hours Mondays– Fridays, 1000 hours to 1200 hours noon on Saturdays and 1000 hours to 1200 hours on public holidays.

Customers can also enjoy some lifestyle privileges such as discounts with designated gymnasium, hotels, airlines, supermarkets, car rentals, furniture shops and restaurants.

“We have different priorities in life; whatever your priorities, we at NIB would work to support you. We have therefore tailored the right mix of exceptional services, unique benefits and innovative solutions with our banking expertise. Our comprehensive approach puts you the customers at the center of everything we do, hence Excel Banking” said Managing Director, Mr. Ernest Mawuli Agbesi.

According to Him, the bank’s resolve was to offer customers the best in service delivery and that bank’s SME Week was dedicated to their SME Customers.

“Our desire was to deepen relations between the Bank and its SME clientele” he added.

The Bank intends to open some 22 new branches to bring service delivery closer to the customer.

Mr Emmanuel Sarkodie, a board member of the bank, who launched the product congratulated the bank for the initiative to put the institution on a sound footing with a product to keep the pace and outpace their competitors.

“The Board clearly understands the mission and vision which seek to put the bank on a high pedigree. Excel Banking is a product for everyone and a real pleasure for comfort” he said.

The NIB was established primarily to promote and strengthen rapid industrialization in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy. It was therefore the first development bank in Ghana.

The Act that established the Bank also mandated it to set up joint ventures because the Ghanaian private sector did not have the required funding for start-ups.

NIB set up over 100 joint enterprises including some of the defunct regional development corporations. Most of the major existing industries including Nestle Ghana Limited, Novotel, Kabel Metal, Aluworks benefited from NIB’s equity participation.

Currently, 70% of the Bank’s portfolio is made up of loans to the Ghanaian private sector.

NIB is a major lender to the manufacturing, building and construction, and agro processing sectors as well as the service industry and has undergone management, institutional and financial restructuring, which has strengthened the organization.

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