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WTC hold discussions on energy, environment and investment

The World Trade Centre (WTC), Accra on Wednesday held discussions with the Head of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) and some selected Ministries and orgainsations.

The World Trade Centre (WTC), Accra on Wednesday held discussions with the Head of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) and some selected Ministries and orgainsations.


     The meeting was to deliberate on a possible Ghana country presentation to showcase the country’s investment opportunities to the Italian business community at an exhibition scheduled for October 31, this year in Rome, and also a World Expo to be hosted by Milan in 2015.

     Togbe Afede XIV, Chairman of the World Trade Centre, said the meeting was relevant because it would help in agreeing on a unified mode of presenting Ghana’s critical investment sectors such as renewable energy and environment at the exhibition to attract investors.

     He said by its mandate, the WTC Accra, implements innovative ways to expand business and helps Ghanaian businesses to establish or strengthen their international commercial capabilities.

     According to him by becoming a member and developing a partnership with WTC Accra, “you will realize international sales expansion that would otherwise be unattainable.”

     He said the WTC Accra also offers a number of services to its members and the public at large, starting with trade education, trade missions, seminars, conferences, marketing opportunities and many others.

     It also pursues partnerships with a number of business associations and agencies such as the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GNCCI), Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre.

     Mrs Diana Battaggia, Head of UNIDO ITPO, Italy, said the October programme would serve as a follow-up to an earlier mission by Mr Kwesi Nkansah Baawuah, a WTC delegate to Italy to promote some of Ghana’s investment opportunities to over 65 Italian companies in the areas of environment and energy.

     She said four Italian Companies had already visited Ghana for business purposes, and that, since the visit, various commercial agreements have began  and were nearing final conclusions, with many others yet to scout for partners.

     Mrs Battaggia said the programme was, therefore, necessary to develop an interactive corridor with Italy, whereby the two countries’ business communities could exchange crucial information, know-how, and technologies, aimed at enhancing industrial productivity with a low foot-print on the environment and high social impact, and gender and youth inclusion in the industrial production chains.

     The goal is to deepen the economic and industrial relations between the two countries and facilitate the development of a Ghana-Italy economic corridor.

     She said giving the great excitement from the Italian counterparts, and as a result of the last official visit to Ghana of the Italian former Minister of Foreign Affairs, the decision has been made to engage numerous entrepreneurs, who would take part in several promotional initiatives, including the participation in the ECOMONDO environment and energy technology trade fair, company visits, study tours and other business meetings.

     According to her, the Lima Declaration in December 2013, called upon UNIDO to strengthen its support for the efforts of countries towards achieving inclusive and sustainable industrial development as a measure to eradicate poverty; to improve the life of the poor; and share prosperity with all those who have so far been excluded from a dignified human existence.

     “Through this objective, Italy’s UNIDO ITPO supports its partnering countries to promote an industrial growth which was attractive to inclusiveness and environmental sustainability,” she said.

     Mrs Battaggia said: “It is with this spirit that we are supporting in Ghana, a green growth, which sees the environment not as a burden but as an opportunity to seize”.

     Mr Andrea Carapellese, an Investment Promotion Expert with UNIDO ITPO, indicated that, the Organisation had selected three priority areas for support and these involve Ghana, Tanzania and Cameroon.

     He said apart from the attractive investment opportunities, Ghana has a stable and secure market and its central location serves as a major gateway to other countries in the sub-region.   

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