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Police Visibility concept criticised in Wa

Some stakeholders in the Wa Municipality on Wednesday criticised the “Police Visibility” concept, saying it is not beneficial to the people.

Some stakeholders in the Wa Municipality on Wednesday criticised the “Police Visibility” concept, saying it is not beneficial to the people.


    They said the police sit down idle and watch accidents occurring without offering any assistance to the victims and apprehending offenders.

     The concern was raised at a “Regional Development Dialogue” forum, organised by the Social Accountability Unit of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

     It is to help improve citizen’s engagement with urban population and increase accountability of the Wa Municipal Assembly’s Social Audit Strategy.

     “The police are now trailing behind their core mandate of ensuring law and order. The mere “Police Visibility” is not enough without the execution of their core duties,” the stakeholders said.

     The stakeholders were reacting to the Wa Municipal Assembly spending part of the Local Government Capacity Support Project (LGCSP) under the World Bank sponsorship, to build police posts and erect canopies at some of its suburbs for the police to ensure public safety, security and good governance.

     A woman said she was jogging one morning when she saw a car hit a school boy on the road but the police did nothing to arrest the driver or come to the aid of the child.

     She described the “Police Visibility” concept as a “police sleeping” concept because “the police were always seen sleeping in turns and doing nothing to bring law and order to the people.”

     However, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kwasi Mensah Duku, said the concept was to help bring the police closer to the people.

      He said what the woman experienced was an isolated case and described the concept as part of some of the proactive measures and modern type of policing to prevent crime in society.

     “We don’t have to wait for crimes to occur before we go and arrest the persons,” he explained.

     ACP Duku, who is also the Upper West Regional Commander, explained that the presence of the police in the communities was to scare criminals away from wrong-doing.

     “The police visibility concept should not be misconstrued to mean a police station; people should rather help the police in the communities by volunteering information about criminals to the police to enable them to reduce crime in the municipality,” he added.

     ACP Duku said already, the police had embarked on radio talk shows to help educate the people on the police visibility concept and urged the public to cooperate with the police to ensure law and order in the municipality.

     He said whatever the police does was in the interest of the people, adding that, the interest of the people is always the cardinal principle of the core duty of the police,” and gave the assurance that the regional command would not shirk that responsibility.

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