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Welcome to – your authentic one stop destination for news.

As you may have already observed, the website is built with the end-user in mind as evinced in its clear navigational layout and its simple interface. Once you have reached, you are met with a crystal clear and easy to understand presentation of the latest news items and resources.


Browser: is best viewed in mozilla firefox version 3 and newer , Internet Exployer(IE) 7 or newer, Opera, Google Chrome. Note that all these browsers are free to download.

Internet Connection: To gain access to, you need a reliable internet connection. Our website is optimised for downloads therefore it should even be accessible via Dialup but we recommend something better.

Accessing and Using

First open your browser on your computer and locate the address bar and input the full name of our website with or without the WWW and hit enter.

Wait patiently for the website to fully download (this depends largely on your internet connection speed) but as mentioned before, our website downloads pretty fast. Once its opened, you’ll notice the menu (Navigation) bar on the vertically positioned on the left. It contains links to sections of the website. The first section (page) you see is called ‘Home’. In totality the homepage of gives you a complete preview and overview of the entire website. Information on this page is most times presented in order of importance therefore on the upper side of the homepage is a list of the Latest News items. Below that are various categories and sections in which all the news have been divided into for ease of access.

On the bottom section are columns and rows of news categories further placed for your ease of use. This section is visible almost throughout all other pages of the website.

And lastly the bottom menu links helps you to learn about the team as well as contact them. You may also do yourself a great service by reading the TERMS OF USE of also located in the bottom menu links.

Registering your particulars

As a user of, we recommend that you create a user account with the website so that it can identify you every time you visit. Certain advance features of the website require this. Registration is absolutely FREE and will always be with no strings attached. You may also opt out at anytime you deem it necessary. Find the REGISTER link on the site and simply follow the prompts to register.

You’ll be assigned a username and a password which are always required before you can gain access to your personal user account, an account terminable at your own discretion.


For further assistance or questions,
Contact Sonny via;

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