Tongor-Dzemeni military camp still a mystery



Ho, Oct. 3, GNA-Circumstances surrounding the supposed bursting of a para- military training ring at Tongor-Dzemeni, in the South-Dayi District by the military remain murky after a four-hour monitoring in the area by the Ghana News Agency.
       None of the six residents around the supposed training ground, under the hills behind the EP Church Clinic at Tongor-Dzemeni would be categorical about the said camp.
      A teacher who stays some 150 metres from the place in question said he did not hear any gun shot at night in the area, in the period of the supposed training, so did all others interviewed.
      A woman living in a house closest to the supposed training camp would not talk to the GNA as she claimed she could neither speak Ewe, Twi or English.
      Mr Kafui Semenu Bekoe, South-Dayi District Chief Executive (DCE), told the GNA that the district had hints of the said training camp but realized, the state of affairs, was beyond the capacity of the district and had to pass the issue on to higher authorities.
      Mr Bekoe, who is also Chairman of the District Security Committee, would not talk further as he said the matter was sensitive and being handled by the national security.
      Mr George Bada Lotsoo, Assembly Member of the Tongor-Dzemeni Community, said as a detective policeman, he was reluctant to name, was the first to hint him about the said camp.
      He said all other information about training schedules were given to him by the said police detective.
      Mr Lotsoo said he knew no more than that and that he was neither present at time the said operations to dismantle the camp was carried out nor did he know about the identity of the persons involved.
      Tongor-Dzemeni is a small community, but with a popular market noted for fish and vegetables, which attracts people in the over bank communities and across the country.
      The area is associated with the cultivation and trade in Indian hemp.
     A number of arrests lately being traced the hemp to the area.


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