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Fishmongers call for the enforcement of fishing laws

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Fishmongers in the Western Region, have called  on the Fisheries Commission to enforce the implementation of the  marine and fishing  laws  to help  curb the depletion of  fish stock in the sea. They said their livelihood depends greatly on the sea and everything possible should be done to protect the sea to prevent them from going out of business.


The fishmonger made the call during a day’s Networking and Award ceremony for fisheries management groups drawn from Dixcove, Ankrobra, Shama and Agona-Nkwanta on the theme: “Collective Voice for a Change.”

The programme organised by DAASFIF-Quality Foundation in collaboration with Sustainable Fisheries Management Project was attended by more than 400 fishmongers, market queens and chief fishermen from the Region.

The participants expressed concern about pair trawling, the use of light and dangerous chemicals in fishing and asked the fisheries Commission to acquire machines and equipment, which could be used to detect fish that are caught through the use of chemicals.

They also expressed unhappiness about the use of unapproved fishing nets and asked that fishermen be educated on the effects of such practices. They suggested the need for a networking team along the fish landing beaches to report fishermen who sell unwholesome fish for the necessary action to be taken.

Mrs Gifty Baaba Asmah, Executive Director of DAASGIFT-Quality Foundation, said it is the aim of her outfit to improve the lives of fishmongers and urged them to adopt hygienic and quality fish processing methods, which would enable them produce quality fish for the international market.

She said everything is being done to stem the reduction of fish stock in the sea and advised the fishermen to desist from the practice of using unapproved fishing nets and dangerous chemicals such as DDT in fishing.

Mrs Asmah advised the fishmongers to always endeavour to keep the landing beaches clean and   buy   wholesome fish for processing.

She announced that her outfit would soon introduce new and affordable fish smoking stoves dubbed “Ahotostove”, which would help improve upon fish smoking for the international market.

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