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I don't record songs to please people - Jon Germain


Ghanaian Pop singer, Jon Germain has revealed that the main motivation behind his music is not to please people.

Jon Germain, who made his first appearance on Tonight with Nii Kpakpo Thompson on Viasat1 disclosed that he mainly does songs that come to him naturally, citing his latest single, Threesome, as a classic example.

Jon Germain began his career as a radio and TV presenter but later surprised many people when he diverted to song writing even though that had always been his passion.

Jon revealed that his songs are doing very well outside the country; however, he maintained that the motivation behind his music is not to please people.

“I don’t try hard to do something [music]. It comes to me and I do it when I want to. I am not gonna try and record a song to please people. I record songs that I want to record, songs that come to me. I record songs that 20 years from now when my daughter is in her 30s and my son is almost 40 years old, he can say wow, ‘my dad recorded this song,’” Jon Germain stated.

Jon, after releasing his first pop rock album called ‘This is who I am’ in 2008, has not looked back, and has produced other hit singles and albums such Enigma and In My Head.

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