Bechem United signs partnership deal with five European Clubs


Accra, Feb 7, GNA – Brong Ahafo based club, Becham United, has agreed to sign a partnership deal with five European clubs, to help in the developing quality players for the club.

         The five European clubs are; PPS Slavia Sofia and locomotive Sofia in Bulgaria, Atrikos and Pansrikos in Greece and Anadia FC in Portugal
          At a press conference on Tuesday, the Administrative Manager of the club, Francis Gorman stated that Bechem United’s main policy is to develop young players and expose them to European clubs, where they could have a better career.
       He stated that Bechem have agreed to partner with some European clubs who will help develop emerging talents for at least a year or two with the hope of transferring them to relatively bigger clubs.
         “It’s the philosophy or policy of Bechem United to groom young talents who will play for our club for some time and later be transferred to European countries to continue their career.         
          “Therefore we have been talking to a lot of clubs and football agents from Europe to help us implement our policy with regards to player transfers.
         “Through our efforts, we contacted former Dutch midfielder, George Boateng who is a scout for Aston Villa and also a representative of some clubs in Europe.  “He promised to secure partnership deals for us and he has rightly kept his promise.”
       The Ghanaian-born Dutch legend, George Boateng explained to the media his reasons to help Bechem United and what all the clubs involved in this partnership stand to gain.
        “I was born here in Ghana, but I got the opportunity to travel at an early age and also be successful in what I do best, therefore I will like to give the same opportunity to my countrymen to make their dream come true.
        “I am much honored to be here, I am not interested in what I stand to gain in what I am doing for Bechem, but it’s a way to say thank you to Ghana, many people ask why I couldn’t play for this country, it is history now and I want to use a different way to help Ghana.”This partnership is not only a good news for Bechem United but all the clubs involved.
        “These clubs will provide the opportunities to all players from Bechem United who have what it takes to ply their trades in Europe.  “No player will be stranded when he is been transferred to Europe, as it has been the case of most African players, they will be under the care of the clubs every day, they will earn salaries and a have very good time abroad.

“We have provided a great opportunity for the players, but it’s up to them to grab it with all seriousness and I know it will be beneficial to all the clubs involve and also the Blackstars of Ghana in future.
  “I must say that Bechem United will earn 50% of the onward transfer fees of the players who moved to these 5 clubs.” Boateng stated.


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