Awutu-Effutu-Senya Secretariat of GNAT holds Quadrennial Conference


Winneba (C/R) March 20, GNA- Dr Mrs Hilda Hagan, Effutu Municipal Director of Education, has expressed the need to support the professional needs of teachers, while their conditions of service should be improved.

She said teachers should be paid decent salaries and have continuous professional development and representation in policy-making.
Dr Hagan was speaking at the 5th Quadrennial District Delegates Conference Awutu-Effutu-Senya Municipal Secretariat of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) held at Winneba.
 She said: “As we welcome the specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target on qualified teachers and the attention given to teachers as central to quality, we must tamper our expectations of teachers ability to sort out all of the systemic issues that education, or indeed society, is facing.”
The conference was on the theme: “Transforming Societies through Education: The Teacher Factor towards Agenda 2030.”
Dr Hagan said a teacher had a role to play in achieving the Agenda 2030 goals, to make quality education inclusive, equitable and a lifelong endeavour by 2030.
She said teachers had an essential role to play in the Agenda 2030 meant to be ambitious and transformational, transforming individuals and societies.
Dr Hagan observed that to transform society there was the need to involve a shift in the orientation of the individual or organisation in such a way that new actions and results became possible.
She said the 21st century teacher was expected to acquire and transfer “what we call the 21st Century core skills such as, critical thinking and problem solving, creative and innovative, collaborative/social, communication, literacy and numeracy, ITC and civic literacy”.


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